Ned Kelly Harley

Many thanks Peter won best in its class in Brisbane both shows


Hi Peter, Thanks for the modifications on the triumph pillion seat, We went for a 70km ride on Sunday
And the report and comments were great, the width and height is great and the comfort is a lot better,
We like the material grain it is very close and it is a better quality material. Once again thanks a lot and I will be recommending you to other riders.

VFR 750 recover

thanks Peter.Re: VFR 750 recover

Got the seat this arvo and it looks fantastic. Thanks for helping me out with time lines.

Kind regards,

BMW R100RS café racer

Hi Peter,

Attached is a picture of my BMW R100RS café racer with the seat that you did late last year. The seat looks great on the bike.

Thanks for your efforts, especially with my rush to get it ready for the Grand Prix. (Unfortunately I couldn’t get the brakes fixed in time so I had to drive down.)

Cheers and happy new year,


A short note to thankyou for your work and skill in retiming and shaping my bike seat ” A beautiful job ” I have only gone around the block so far but can feel the difference I cannot feel the pressure points I had before , cannot wait to go for a ride on the weekend and test it out over a couple of hundred K/Metres. My girl straight away could feel the difference and is able to lean back know before she was forced by the seat to lean forward and this placed pressure on her back. This seat redo may mean I will be able to keep the BM for a lot longer and enjoy the charm of the bike and the coffee/beer at the end of a great days ride. Thanks again I will be recommending you to all my fellow bike riders.


Honda CBR1000RR


Hello again, I had you refurb the seats of my CBR1000RR a couple of weeks back with the basket weave leather and reshaped to resemble the Corbin seats, I got some pics of it for you finally so that they can be posted on your website, attached below. Sorry for the delay. Oh and the seats are awesome, nothing but comfort all the way, thanks for a great job.

As you can see they look absolutely brilliant on the machine. Top job!


Suzuki V-Strom

Hi Peter,

You recently lowered the seat on my V-Strom. I’m writing to say thank you for doing such a good job on it. It looks a treat, is still very comfortable and has made it much easier to get my feet to the ground. I’ll be recommending you to anyone who needs this kind of work done.
Once again thanks a lot.


DR 650

Hi Peter

I paid the COD and received the seat back on Saturday morning.

I tried it over the weekend for a couple of hundred kms up the Putty Road in the company of some road bike mates. I must report that it is a vast improvement over the standard Suzuki seat which was at best an annoying distraction and frankly unbearable even on my daily 50 minute commute. There was none of the pain I’d previously experienced with the standard seat and it remained comfortable for hours.

Thanks again for the excellent work particularly considering that it was an old seat base to start with.


Suzuki DR 650

I promised you I would give a full road test review to you after I’d put a few hundred k’s on the new seat. Well I had that chance on the weekend. Here’s what I found:

The overall experience was a positive one! Upon getting it back from you in the post it immediately appeared wider and a little softer but not as soft as I had envisioned it would be. Having remembered you said if it was too soft it may sag I felt OK about it. It certainly looks the part with good attention to detail and workmanship. The vinyl used seems a good choice as it is not to slippery or grippy – a very good compromise with a quality feel.

I’ve ridden on it twice now with the last one being a 200K ride from Sydney to Wollembi. The standard seat was giving me a ‘tailbone’ ache after just 30 minutes or so. The standard seat was very hard and narrow. The new softness of your new seat was apparent upon first sitting on it but even more so after a while in the saddle. However, I feel the biggest improvement has been the extra width over the original design. It very effectively spreads the load across now and I do not have anymore ‘tailbone’ ache at all. I can’t believe I nearly spent $1,200 (in total with shipping!) to get a Corbin seat from the US when the solution was here in my own back yard for a fraction of that price!

What you have done with a sculpted few pieces of different density foam on top of the original seat base is amazing Peter. I certainly won’t have any problem recommending you to my friends and other riders and would be happy for you to show this email as a recommendation to any future clients of yours. God knows why Suzuki couldn’t replicate this as standard equipment and save us all the trouble?!

Many thanks again Peter, for transforming my riding experience and enjoyment of my DR650.

Best regards,

BMW G 650 X Moto


Just a quick note regarding the seat on my BMW G 650 X Moto that you have just remodelled.

Who said that you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I was very pleased with the outcome that you were able to achieve. The revamped seat looks better than the original, yet it is impossible to mark it as an aftermarket seat. It just looks so natural. I took the bike out for a longer run on the weekend & the comfort level on my posterior has been substantially enhanced. The stock seat was a “dog” & you have been able to provide me with something that makes the longer journeys far more enjoyable.

Once again many thanks for your fine efforts. I’m more than happy to recommend your work to all my bike riding mates.