Motorbike Seat Covers

Services for Motorcycles and Motor scooters. Seat Upholstery and customizing for motorcycle and scooter seats.

  • Motorbikes, Motorcycle, Motorscooter Custom Seats, Scooter Seat repairs and recovering
  • Scooter and Motor Bike seat height reduction for short riders
  • Saddles alterations, Seat upholstery
  • Custom motorcycle seats, reworked
  • Motorcycle seat repairs
  • Seat recovering and repairs for a broad range of Motorcycle and Motor Scooter.
  • Many different makes and models have been repaired or refurbished.
  • Custom Motorcycle Seats and Motorscooter seats for most makes and models
  • After Market Seat covers
  • Motorcycle, Motorscooter low price seat cover fitting service
  • Seat Heaters
    1. Seat Heaters can be fitted to many makes of motorcycle.
    2. Get your local Motorcycle Auto electrician to wire the seat.
    3. Easy instructions. Low power consumption. Standard Kit. Luxury Kit
    4. Best selling motorcycle and motorscooter seat heater
  • Something to think about when surfing the net for a replacement seat
Motorbike Seat Covers

Motorcycle seats can be very uncomfortable.

Seat alterations or Custom motorcycle seats have helped many riders. We alter seats and saddles when appropriate to suite individual riders. This is done by seat foam reshaping. Motorbike Seat comfort may also be achieved by foam replacement in troublesome areas like Coccyx and thigh area. This may be required for a comfortable motorcycle or scooter seat. Riders have different shapes and sizes and don’t fit all standard seats.

Seat Heaters.
Gel pads can also be used and fitted in some seats.

Motorbike Seat Covers

Textured vinyl

ome textured vinyl we use in recovering seats reduce passenger and rider from slipping forward. This is because seats get older and they can become slippery. We have a fine textured no slip vinyl to reduce the amount of slip.


Mostly popular on  Road bikes, Sport bikes, Motocross, Enduro seats, Dual Sport  

Gripper Vinyl. Textured Vinyl. Plain Vinyl

We have heavy duty vinyl compared to most stock seats and Gripper with excellent Gripping qualities. A black Bean texture with good grip qualities is also available to reduce your sliding on the seat. Popular with Dirt, Road and Trail bike seats Many other textured pebble and plain vinyl colours if required for that custom look.

Seats Lowered

Motorcycle seats for short riders. We also lower seats for the rider that may be a little short in the leg. Most can be done for a very reasonable price without the need to purchase a New seat or cover.

Seats Raised

Motorcycle seats for tall riders. Many seats have been altered and the height adjusted for riders taller than average with good success.  Height and weight play a big part in how we reconstruct the seats internally. The object is to make the riding experience better than before for a reasonable cost without replacing the seat.

Seats Widened

Dual purpose motorbikes. Off road motorbikes have limitations with comfort. The width of the seat and foam density combined with the weight of the rider can play a big part in the comfort for highway and off road use. Those that don’t make the grade for duel purpose may still have a chance with our alterations on many different makes and models.

Damaged Motorbike seats.

Motorbike seats can become Damaged, Twisted and out of shape to some extent and need to be checked . Metal seat base for older models Twist, Crack, Rust out and become un repairable. Some bases can be repaired if not left rusting for many years. Seat covers crack and allow water to penetrate the foam causing foam and metal damage. Best keep an eye on it.
Not all bikes are suitable for seat modifications. Many may still require seat repairs or replacement seat covers.
Cracks or tears in seats may not require seat cover replacement. Vinyl welding may be a less expensive option and a quick fix.

Foam rubber repair or replacement is an option for older motorcycles when the foam deteriate.
Many seats as they age the foam can crumble and loose the comfort factor and need to be addressed.
Comfort pads or gel pads fitted at some stage may add some comfort. Not on all motorcycle seats.
Foam rubber Damage Damage to motorcycle foam can be repaired in most cases. Many near new motorcycle seat foams have been found to be damaged on road bikes and many dirt bikes. Separation of the foam is common occurrence and can be fixed.

Motorcycle seat and Motor scooter seat repairs can take as little as 2 days in some cases. Some seat upholstery can be quite extensive and take a week or two to complete.

After market Seat Cover fitting service

This is a good option if needed quickly. It can be fitted by appointment by our seat cover service department. Same day service if required and when possible.

There are many after market seat cover suppliers on the net now and not all Company’s supply the correct seat cover for the correct motorbike. Many claims are made the seat cover will fit on a particular motorcycle. When we go to fit a cover, it does not fit. Usually the cover is for a different model or the vinyl is cut incorrectly. The cover may not have stretch in the correct direction or is a poor quality vinyl.

We prefer to make covers to suite the seat we receive so there is no problem with the fit. Originality cannot be assured but some may look close.

Motor scooters are very popular now and the seats can be colour coordinated if required. Ring If you have any questions about your seat and what you require

ServicesOther Services

Uncomfortable Motorcycle seats made comfortable

Reduce sliding on Slippery Seats

Lower seat height for Short riders

Extra foam height adjustment for Tall riders

Extra seat width for dual purpose motorbikes.

Metal seat base repairs for Motorbikes .

Foam repairs and reshaped for comfort

Foam density replacement for different weight ranges.

Custom upholstery for Motorcycles and Motor scooters

Holes Splits and Tears vinyl welded

Vinyl seat cover replacement

Seat Covers supplied by the customer fitted

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