Seat Heat for Motor cycles. Motor scooters.

Motorcycle Seat Heat
help many riders through cold winter days.

When thinking about a seat heater and if it is worthwhile on your motorcycle. It may be worth looking at if your riding all year round in our colder regions of Australia, or commuting to work through the winter months. Not many motorcycles are sold with a seat heater option and overlooked by many when buying a new motorcycle.It is an option that can be done afterwards if you feel the conditions are cold enough in your area. Melbourne winters can be very wet and cold as well as the mountain districts through out Australia. Having to ride in conditions like that puts you off riding The seat heater takes away some of that discomfort when you can feel that heat rising up through your body slowly.

Some heaters have a few settings and can be altered as you ride. Seat heaters can get very hot when adjusted to high and that can make it uncomfortable. It is important that the correct setting is found before you start getting uncomfortable. Aftermarket Seat Heaters cannot be fitted to all seats so we need to see the seat to confirm if that is possible. Any queries please ring to discuss.

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