Seat Comfort for Motor cycles. Motor scooters.

Seat Comfort for motor cycles. Motor scooters. Helping many riders.

The list is long for Motor cycle and Motor scooter seats needing some sort of seat adjustments just to get some level of comfort. Finding that comfort for a road bike and to have the comfort and feel off a cruiser may not be all that easy to achieve. The height difference and the width of the seat are so different that it makes it hard to make one like the other. Road bikes are quite light and easy to maneuver so a smaller and narrower seat is required. Comfort can still be gained if a few alterations are made and some seats can still be made a little wider altering the ergonomics for the better.

When making a motor cycle seat more comfortable. We need your information to work with to make our adjustments. It is wise to think of the angle of the seat while riding and if it pushes you into the tank. The angle can be adjusted up at the front or down at the back by adding more to the front and removing from the rear. This can be done on many motor cycles. If done professionally, the seat may not look different from original.

Should you have the problem of sliding backward on take off. You may find the seat rise behind you is not high enough or the cover is quite worn and slippery. Clothing you wear can also cause the problems of slipping around and discomfort from bunching up underneath you. Should you be a little short and not able to reach the the rise behind you. Or find your self being pushed back on take off. We have a cure for that on many bikes and found it makes the seat so much more comfortable.

Cruisers have great seats on many makes and models. They can also have real shockers that will have you wondering if the rite choice was made when deciding to buy the bike. Test rides before buying are not long enough to get the feel of the seat underneath you. One or more hours should be a reasonable test to see if there are any pressure pains to complain about. The comfort of seat should still be very good . You will find after owning a cruiser fore a while and having some long day out rides for 4 or 500 Ks.There will always be someone wanting to make it better or buy another seat in hope it can be better than the original cruiser seat.

Be cautious before buying another motor cycle seat on the net. Talking to a person that works on the comfort motor cycle seat  would be a good idea before buying a new seat.

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