New South Wales

Motorcycle seats. We Customize and service seats from New South Wales COD Option if required

Seats made more comfortable at reasonable prices for New South Wales motorcycle and Motor scooter riders.

Seat Upholstery for motorcycles and motor scooters may not be as expensive as you think.

Ring to discuss options for your motorcycle or motor scooter . Foam rubber repairs. Recovering. Changing seat angle. Height adjustments.
Seat lowering for short riders. Extra height for tall riders. Seats made wider, Softer, Firmer if needed, More comfortable. Thigh and coccyx pressure adjustments.
Soreness after short rides.

All seats brake down after a period of time in our harsh New South Wales weather and may need attention of some kind.
We can alter many different seat makes and models and make them into a Custom motorcycle seat in various ways. Some seats can be kept original or close to original as possible.
Seat covers can be purchased on the net from aftermarket seat cover manufacturers if originality is required. We make our covers as close to original when possible.

What is COD? We send the parcel to You . The parcel arrives at your post office. Post office notifies you it is ready to pick up.
All you need do is pick up the parcel from the post office and pay for it. Ask what payments they accept cash or card. Payment include freight and ACM Seats services to you. Australia Post will forward our payment to us.

People are sending parcels more frequently now and seem more comfortable with that.

Tips for sending a parcel to ACM Seats. Details

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