Motor Scooter

Riding Motor Scooters for fun

Think first when you buy a Motor scooter
Choose the correct size for your requirements. Size of scooter 50 cc 150cc 70 MPG 250cc 500cc 50-60 MPG
Is the seat comfortable. Enough room to move back and forth for a comfortable position when riding
Easy use of controls. Brakes. Controls need to be easy to use and not feel awkward. If it dosent feel rite then it may not be for you.

Motor scooter Height. Seat height

When buying a scooter try to find a scooter that has the correct seat height to make you feel confident and in control. Looks are good but not always practical.

Safe Access.

Feet position on the ground would be great if you can get both feet flat on the ground.
If you need Motor scooter seat repairs, Alterations, Comfort issues, Customising, Seat lowering, Seat recovering, Vinyl Welding and seat foam reshaping.
All enquiries.