Melbourne Victoria motorcycle seats

Custom Motorbike SeatsMotorcycle seats. We Customize and service seats from Melbourne and all over Victoria. COD Option if required

Seats made more comfortable at reasonable prices for Melbourne motorcycle and Motor scooter riders.

Seat Upholstery for motorcycles and motor scooters may not be as expensive as you think.

Motorcycle and scooter riders can bring in their seats for repairs and seat cover replacement 20 minutes north of Melbourne Victoria. A phone call before to discuss the seat is a good idea and we may be able to discuss some options. Motorbike Seats covers Melbourne and around Victoria can be sent to ACM seats by many different carriers. Most are reasonably priced. We use Australia post often and COD service to send the seat back in most cases.

Ring to discuss options for your motorcycle or motor scooter. Foam rubber repairs can be a little piece of rubber missing or extensive repairs to the foam from sun and water damage. We have found that Seat foam separation can be a problem on bikes that have done as little as 1000 ks. When the foam is exposed to the sun and rain for long periods it can break down and go to powder.

Recovering seats to make them look as close to the original as possible on some seats. Stretching the seat cover can be a challenge on most seats and some vinyl are not able to stretch in all directions to accommodate all shapes. Custom seat covers can be made to follow those shapes an can enhance the look of the bike. We may need to use vinyl that is as close as possible to original to get the best outcome. Once the seat is recovered and looking new again it is hard to know the difference unless you go for a custom look.

Changing seat angle is a benefit for many riders as the angle is too great and push the rider into the tank. We can lift the front a little and lower the rear a little levelling out the seat using our cumfy foam if required. Angle adjustments may be done on many bikes and we may be able to reuse your same cover in many cases. This keeps the cost to a minimum. If you don’t want to your original seat then find one online second hand from a motorcycle wrecker and use that instead.

Seat lowering for short riders. Height adjustments are common helping the height-challenged rider get his or her feet closer to the ground. Safety is paramount and this may make a big difference for some. As little as 20 mm can make the difference whether you have the balls of your feet or your heels on the ground. If you don’t want to lower the original seat then try and find a replacement seat for lowering from a motorcycle wrecker.

Thigh Adjustments are a good option when trying to get a better reach to the ground. Reducing thigh width removes a little pressure and may help with a more comfortable ride. Reducing the width is mainly done when lowering seats to bring the top surface back to the original profile. We may on some seats be able to reduce the thigh area further helping with a little more reach.

Extra height for tall riders. Tall riders have been asking to have the seat height made higher on many different makes of motorbikes. Some bikes may not be suited for tall riders and the seat may feel a little low or the foot pegs are a little high. Seat height can be adjusted on many models without looking awkward on the bike. It may only need 3 or 4 cm to make a difference and some foot pegs can be lowered. Ask your motorcycle dealer if they have a foot peg lowering kit or aftermarket accessory suppliers.

Seats made wider for different makes and model motorcycle seats. Comfort comes from a wider platform for your backside if you are experiencing pain and the seat is a little narrow. We widen the seat foam and may need to fit foam that can support the weight it carries. Softer may not be the best option in most cases. Firm foam can be added to existing seats and a soft layer on top. Many Dirt bikes benefit from wider seats because the original width can be a bit narrow. Many are very uncomfortable and can still be made wider without affecting reach to the ground. Standing up while riding with a wider seat is no problem because we try and keep it the same width.

Coccyx pressure adjustments for soreness after short rides. Many riders have Coccyx problems and may not know exactly what it is, The coccyx is the very end of your spine (tailbone) and can get a lot of pressure from riding. The shape of a seat or width and firmness of the foam do cause great discomfort on many riders. The shape may need adjustments or we can discuss options to rectify the problem. We have Soft, Medium, & hard foam if more comfort is needed.

All seats brake down after a period of time in our harsh Melbourne weather and may need the attention of some kind. We can alter many different seats makes and models and make them into a more comfortable motorbike seat in various ways. Some seats can be kept original or close to original as possible.

Seat covers can be purchased on the net from aftermarket seat cover manufacturers if originality is required. There are many places supplying seat covers now and they may not fit what they suppose to. The seat covers customers supply for fitting by ACM Seats have been quite good replicas and few have been poor quality. We make our covers as close to original when possible and also customise covers if required.

What is COD? We send the parcel to You. The parcel arrives at your post office. Post office notifies you it is ready to pick up.
All you need do is pick up the parcel from the post office and pay for it. Ask what payments they accept cash or card. Payment includes freight and ACM Seats services to you. Australia Post will forward our payment to us.

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