How to wrap and send a seat to ACM Seats

Motor cycle seats.  ACM Seats Customize and service seats, Australia wide.

What is COD
Cash on delivery is when we finish your seat and send it back to you COD. The post office sends a card to you letting you know your parcel is at the post office ready to pick up. All you need do is collect the seat from the post office and pay by cash or card. If the parcel is not picked up in a reasonable time the parcel may no longer be there.
Wrapping a seat to send to ACM Seats can be as difficult or easy as you want to make it. The cost can blow out if you make the parcel much larger than the seat itself.
Most areas these days have cheap convenience stores marking pens and some wrapping tape 2 inch wide 50 mm. 
Great for wrapping a box or parcels with bubble wrap.
You don’t need to pay for fancy boxes or expensive wrapping to keep your seat safe in transit. You can make your seat secure and protected against damage If placed in a decent box from a Supermarket, Bunnings, Local Pub, or many other places at no cost.
Where ever you see empty boxes in your travels you will find most stores will be happy to give you some if you ask. They need to collapse the box and send them for recycling anyway.
If you have bubble wrap that’s great. Covering the seat with bubble wrap before boxing it up gives added protection when sending to ACM Seats. 
News paper crunched up around a seat in the box can also protect  while in transit. 
Always think of keeping the package as compact and light as possible to keep the freight charges down . 
Good idea to register and insure the parcel for the cost of replacement if your worried about it going missing . Ask how much to register and insure when you send the seat.
Recycle packaging if you can. Better on the pocket and our environment
How tow wrap a seat
Seats made more comfortable at reasonable prices for Australian motor cycle and Motor scooter riders.
Seat Upholstery for motor cycles and motor scooters may not be as expensive as you think.
Ring to discuss options for your motor cycle or motor scooter if you have. Soreness after short rides. In need of foam rubber repairs. Recovering. Changing seat angle. Height and width adjustments.
Seat lowering for short riders. Extra height for tall riders. Seats made wider, Softer or Firmer if needed, More comfortable. Thigh and coccyx pressure adjustments for most makes and models.
Many riders choose to replace the original seat with a after market  seats or other well known brand seats hoping to rectify there problems.
Whether it be uncomfortable or other reasons concerning a soft or very hard seat. The Question is do you need to go over seas to get what you want.
Many dollars have changed hands and some have been satisfied. Those that haven’t may have made a quick decision thinking that a replacement seat was there best option.
A short phone call may have saved some money and the seat solution may have been in Australia.
We don’t have answers to all questions on seats, but  we try to help if we can. If seats  have not met your expectations or your requirements.
Best to ring us first to discuss the reasons why your not happy. Our prices are quite reasonable and you may be able to keep your money in Australia saving on a costly new seat.
You may only need a custom rework to suit your needs or we may have other options.
All seats brake down after a period of time in our harsh Australian weather and may need attention of some kind.
We can alter many different seat makes and models and make them into a
Custom motor cycle seat in various ways. Some seats can be kept original or close to original as possible.
Seat covers  can be purchased on the net from after market seat cover manufacturers
if originality is required. We make our covers as close to original
when possible.
Off road and trail bike seats repaired and recovered. Seats also made wider and softer for more comfort,
Street, Motox, Enduro, Trail, Adventure, Motard, Seats Made Wider Softer and more comfortable
Motor cycle seats are and can be sent to ACM Seats in Victoria from all around Australia for repairs and recovering and may not cost an arm and a leg.
This is done quite frequently these days and reasonably priced if packaged correctly.

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