Motorcycle, Motorscooter seat foam rubber

Custom cumfy foam rubber made for motorcycle seats

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Motorcycle Seat Foam
  • Foam rubber has been used for motorcycles for many years and with great success. Motorbike riders get varied lengths of time in the saddle because the foam may be breaking down or just not the correct density for you. We are different in weight and height and have different needs.
  • Our foams are made in 3 different density to suit most bikes.
  • The fitting of a foam comfort pad to the inside of existing motorcycle seat covers can be done if required. 20 or 25 mm thick foam is used by removing the seat cover and preparing the existing foam ready to laminate our foam to the seat and. We then reshaping the seat.
  • Some seats need a lot more foam and we may need to replace all the foam.
  • Options. Soft. Medium and Hard Density.

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