Vinyl's and leather are used
Can we change the foam rubber ?
Do we have replacement seat covers ?
Where are we and do we have a shop in other states ?
What type of seats do we make ?
Can my seat be lowered ?
I feel sore after a short ride. What can you do to fix it ?
The seat cuts into my legs. Can you rectify this problem ?
The pillion complains the seat is too hard
My seat is too narrow. Is there something you can do ?
Can you move the seat position further back?
Can you soften the seat or make it harder ?
My coccyx gets sore after short rides. Can something be done ?
I have a narrow rear seat pad. Can it be made wider ?
Will the seat look original ?
How long will it take to repair or recover ?
I live interstate. How do I get the seat to you and returned ?
What does it cost to recover a seat ?
What is the turnaround time ?
I only have a seat base. Can you still make a seat from this ?
My pillion gets sore. Can anything be done ?
I have a late model motor bike and it is uncomfortable
The seat foam or seat cover is torn. Can it be repaired ?
Are you open on weekends ?
Vinyl Welding. Is a crack or tear repairable ?

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