Vinyl's and leather are used

Vinyl is the most popular choice for motorcycle and motor scooter seat customising and recovering. Vinyl is often mistaken for leather and customers ask to have the leather replaced on the seat. It is easy to mistake vinyl for leather because of the many leather textures available.

Vinyl has been used on motorbikes for over 50 years with great success. The great variety of grains, textures, colours made in vinyl are a good choice for seat recovering. They can be mixed and matched in different grains and colours to please the eye and reasonable priced.

Seat recovering has been done for many years with stitching and quite acceptable for fancy work and making the cover fit the custom shapes. Some seats are perfect for recovering in one piece and wont allow water penetration. Where stitching is on a motorcycle seat you could expect that water may seep through if left in the rain. We fit a barrier over the foam reducing water penetration where possible. It may not be possible on all seats.
If water penetrates your seat it may be a good idea to remove the seat from the bike. Stand the seat on it’s end with something soft underneath. The water will work its way out to the lowest point. Place pressure on the area where the water has moved to and more water will come out.

It pays to have a loose cover to throw over the seat if you know it will rain.

Leather can also be used in some cases and is not quite as popular as vinyl. The treatment needed to keep leather in good condition in our harsh environment is more work than looking after Vinyl. Leather is porous and need to be coated with leather products to decrease water penetration.

Vinyl Samples

Can we change the foam rubber ?

Some foam rubbers don’t need changing and may only need reworking, if that can be done instead of replacement foam then that could be a cheaper motorbike seat option. We can replace foams on some motor bike seats and scooters if required. custom seat foams can be made or built on the existing seat foam or base to make a custom motorcycle seat.

Motorcycle seats and motor scooter seats can benefit from foam replacement after years of wear and tear. They can become soft and tired and make the rider uncomfortable. Seats are very hard on some bikes and can use a comfort pad fitted to ease the sore spots. This works in most cases and can be a cheaper option to buying a replacement seat.

The cost of a replacement seat when importing from overseas can be quite expensive compared to fitting a comfort pad. Comfort pads can be fitted in the rider or passenger area to replace the tired old foam or when the foam is incorrect for your weight range. Seat height can be adjusted while fitting a comfort pad.
For details: Contact Us

Foam Rubber

Do we have replacement seat covers ?

No. The seat covers we make we only fit ourselves. Some can be very difficult to fit and not everyone can fit seat covers to our standards. We have seen many customer buy seat covers on the net that suppose to fit a seat and we can’t fit them due to incorrect cover. Some seats lose their shape and the covers may not fit correctly due to foam deterioration. We may need to rework the foam to bring it back near to original shape. This can be done on some seats if they haven’t passed their use by date.

Some seat covers may be purchased on the net and we can fit them for you. Some covers can be fitted for under $50-00 If the cover is correct and fits fine. Seats can be sent to us and we can send them back COD  finished if required.

Some seat covers

Where are we and do we have a shop in other states ?
No we don’t have any shops in other states. We receive seats from all around Australia and only work in Melbourne Victoria.

For details see: Contact Us

What type of seats do we make ?
We don’t make seats for motor bikes or motor scooters from scratch. If you supply a base we should be able to build a seat from that. Look through our site and see if there is a seat you like. We may be able to make yours look like one. If you bring a picture of a seat you have seen on the net from other suppliers. Print out a copy and bring it in so we can discuss how we can make yours look similar. This is a link to a picture of a seat on a Honda Valkyrie . It came in as a standard seat and the customer supplied a picture of a seat he found on the web. The colour was picked to complement the bike.

He now has a custom motorbike seat that was lowered and made deeper in the rear and altered to take the pressure off the coccyx. This seems to be a common problem with many Motorbike seats and Motor scooter seats. The rear seat on the Valkyrie was also altered by making it deeper also higher at the back and altered to take the pressure off the coccyx. Honda Seat

Can my seat be lowered ?
Most seats can be lowered and reshaped in various ways to fit shorter riders if extra stability is needed . Some recent model seat covers seem to be moulded to the foam rubber. This continues to be a pain in the backside when it comes to lowering seats and seat repairs.

In the Gallery you will find different model seats that have been lowered.
If you cant find a seat like yours, contact us and see if we can help to get your feet closer to the ground

I feel sore after a short ride. What can you do to fix it ?
Some seats may need the foam rubber replaced and others not so drastic measures. As seats get older the memory tends to fail and may become softer. Our foam rubber pads in 3 different density memory foam is an option to replacement. It could have the same effect with less damage to your wallet. Before you make a decision to buy a well known brand seat from overseas, I would like to suggest that you talk to us first. Our prices may be a pleasant surprise and much less than importing a new seat or buying one in Australia. A foam rework may do the trick in most cases.

We may vary our methods of foam application for individual riders depending on your requirements.

The seat cuts into my legs. Can you rectify this problem ?
Some shorter riders notice this the most and have the seat altered or the foam rubber reshaped in the inner leg area. This allows the rider easier access to the ground and more stability. Stability is a big issue on a bike that may feel top heavy. Not all motorcycles are suited to this type of customizing.

A short phone call to discuss the best seat options would be a good idea . Some cruiser seats have the problem and many dirt bikes, trail bikes also. The seat can be made narrow at the front If it’s not comfortable, Talk to us and see if we can help

The pillion complains the seat is too hard
Some pillion seats are made very narrow and also shaped in a way that the seat can feel like a wedge placed under your behind. The small pad on the rear can be more for looks than anything else. Some seats can be reshaped, made wider with the the pillion comfort in mind. This may make some difference.

A Triumph Rocket 111 seat picture before & after. Making the seat wider creates a favourable experience after a small pad. Other duel pillion seats can benefit from having a section of foam replaced with our cumfy foam. It can make some difference.

My seat is too narrow. Is there something you can do ?
Some motorbike seats seem to be very narrow and you wonder why. Motorcycle seat widening on many dirt bikes and road bikes can be very successful. Some bike seats are not so well suited to the widening process. We may need to see the seat to determine if the seat is worth making wider.

Some say a wider motorbike seat is better. You can send us a couple of pictures of the seat to determine if it is worth altering. Or bring the seat in and discuss your options Please ring before and make a time

Can you move the seat position further back?
We have moved the Motorcycle seat position back on a range of motorcycles for tall riders and those wanting a different position. Most seat positions are made to suite the average rider and may not be comfortable if your tall. Not all seats can be modified.

Motorbike seat alterations and customizing are common these days. If in doubt about what can be done. Give us a call for more information.

Can you soften the seat or make it harder ?
Some motorbike seats can use slight modifying when it comes to the padding. If the seat feels hard it may not always be so. Some times the rider sinks into the seat and this may be where the motorbike seat bottoms out giving the sensation of being hard. This makes you think it is a hard motorcycle seat.
The memory foam after many years can go soft and need replacing.
Other bike seats can be very hard and may need the foam re worked to make the seat more comfortable.

For extra comfort Contact us

My coccyx gets sore after short rides. Can something be done ?
Sore Coccyx. Very common problem. Some riders think the foam is to hard and causes the soreness. Not always, sometimes the curvature of the seat can be to blame. Some seats curve forward and also sideways making the seat feel awkward. This May place too much pressure on the coccyx and create an unforgettable riding experience.

Many seats push the rider forward into the tank and may need the angle changed. The seat may need to be made higher at the front and lower at the back. Foam rubber can be removed from areas of discomfort and be replaced with something more suitable. Softer, Firmer foam may be required or a reshape to help relieve the pains of riding.

Thigh area can be a problem for many with pressure pains. Reduction in that area may ease the pain and is not suitable on all bikes. We may be able to Customise the seat for comfort or for looks if required. If you feel sore after a short ride, give us a call. Yes we think we can help in many cases.

I have a narrow rear seat pad. Can it be made wider ?
Some rear motorbike seats have a very small seat base and are already extended to the limit, Some may not be able to be widened. If your seat is very narrow and you wonder why. The seat may only be for looks and nothing else. Some seats may benefit from widening and others not so.

We may need to see the seat to determine if the seat is worth making wider. Sometimes the wider the better. If you can’t bring the seat in due to distance then take a side – back – and top picture.

Send to us by email and I will let you know what we can do.

Will the seat look original ?
Some seats may look original an some may look very close. There are lots of places on the net that can supply original or after market replica covers to fit your motorbike seat. We can fit the cover if needed for a reasonable price.
How long will it take to repair or recover ?
We repair or recover all seats in the order in which they arrive. This way seems to work the best. We like to get your seats out as quick as possible and it may very 1 week to the next.

Seat recovering and extensive remodelling of seat foam and covers can take 1 week or more. Please be patient and ring for progress on your seat.

I live interstate. How do I get the seat to you and returned ?
COD in Australia only. How to wrap and send your parcel

What is COD? We send the parcel to you when finished . The parcel arrives at your post office. Post office notifies you it is ready to pick up.

All you need do is pick up the parcel and pay for the goods.

If you live interstate and are worried about sending your seat in fear of it being lost.

Then for a small fee it can be insured for loss or damage in transit.

Most of our seats are sent by Australia post and may take a couple of days to and from.

Customers can also send goods by any other transport if they prefer.

I have found Australia post to be the cheapest land freight and reasonably quick.

We can send the seat back COD if required when completed. Direct transfers into our acc can be made if convenient.

As a precaution Please Ring to discuss before sending seats. We don’t want any to go missing.

A Hint. To keep the cost of freight to a minimum. Packages should be kept as small and light as possible to reduce cost.

The parcel must also have sufficient wrapping to stop damage. Free option. Bunnings, your local pub,and many supermarkets have empty boxes for free. You only need ask.

Keep the box as close to the size of the seat even if you have to cut the box

What does it cost to recover a seat ?
Some seats cost from as little as $45-00. Each seat may vary in cost depending on many factors. Our Custom Seat prices are reasonable and far better priced than Importing New Motorbike Seats.

It is always best to ring for a quote because we need to find out what some of your concerns may be.

The fitting of seat covers supplied by the customer start from $35-00

What is the turnaround time ?
Seats can take from 1 to 3 weeks during our busy spurts. Sometimes it can be quicker. We try to do our best to have your seat for as little time as possible.
I only have a seat base. Can you still make a seat from this ?
Yes we can on some seat bases. Best to ring and have a chat about what you would like done. If you can modify or make one yourself, we would need to look at it before quoting

My pillion gets sore. Can anything be done ?
There may be a few options on altering the seat. The foam may be the problem in many cases or reshaping may do the trick. When we have a chat and find out a few more details, we will give you an idea what we think may help.
I have a late model motor bike and it is uncomfortable
Some of the late model motor bikes do have very thin padding under the rider and could use a bit extra fitted where it counts. This may be a problem if you are short and can’t afford the extra height. We may be able to reshape the seat for extra comfort.

You never know, we may still be able to help.

The seat foam or seat cover is torn. Can it be repaired ?
Yes in most cases. We have had some seats with pieces missing and we rebuilt them to the original shape. Seat covers can become ripped and need repairs.

We may be able to use our Vinyl welding repairs on small tears in seats instead of a recover. Vinyl welding is a cheaper option and could have the seat looking good again.

Are you open on weekends ?
We have been known to be open on Saturdays. (It’s not always a sure thing.)

Here are our normal opening hours

Public Holidays and Christmas Holidays we take a break

We reopen 2nd week in January and like to ask our customers not to send seats without contacting us first.

It is advisable to send seats registered mail so it can be tracked and cost less than a cup of coffee.

Vinyl Welding. Is a crack or tear repairable ?
Yes cracks cuts and tears in vinyl are repairable. ( Not in all cases )

Vinyl welding is an inexpensive vinyl repair option to reduce weather from damaging foam rubber and seat bases.

Tears cuts and cracks can be repaired in many areas on motorcycle seats with vinyl welding and we need to see the damage to assess if it can be repaired successfully.

If the damage is confined to a small area and not a big tear. We then have a chance to do a vinyl weld repair.

Vinyl welding has been around for many years and works well as a quick fix. The tear is fused together with heat and a compound mix for a weather tight seal.

The repair can be invisible to detect on some models but may not be on all seats.

Some textures become difficult to reproduce while vinyl welding. Some seats may need a recover for best results. Ring to discuss your options

Example Client Work