YamahaYZF-R1 YZF-R6

Yamaha YZF seats, Yamaha seat cover and repairs

Yamaha YZF seats can be made more comfortable and reshaped for extra reach to the ground.

Yamaha FZ 1S Lowered seat

Yamaha R1 Lowered 20 mm and reshaped  for more stability and extra reach to the ground

Yamaha FZ 1S Lowered seat higher

Yamaha FZ 1 000 Seat made 25 mm higher for extra comfort and front raised 35 mm. 

Yamaha Road bikes, Cruisers, Dirt bikes. Seat repairs and recovers for most makes and models. 
Gripper Vinyl, Fine grip vinyl, Leather grain look vinyls.
Tapered in the inner leg area for easier access to the ground. Recovered in no slip fine grip vinyl. 
This can be done to many makes and models of motorbikes and motorscooters.
The handling of the bike is most important. If your not comfortable when riding or stopped at lights, these alterations may increase your confidence and riding experience


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