Suzuki DR 650 safari tank

Suzuki DR 650 Seat Wider softer with safari tank

Suzuki DR 650 standard seat
DR650 Before


Suzuki DR 650 Wider softer with safari tank
The DR650 seat alteration fits exactly the same against the safari tank as before. 

Suzuki DR650  Wider and softer

Suzuki DR 650 Seat Wider softer with safari tank
Seat height is the same as original and thigh area is reduced to increase reach to the ground. Extra width increases the comfort level and we can vary the density of the foam for different weight ranges.  

Suzuki DR650 Seats made wider can make many motorcycle more comfortable.


Seat Height

Suzuki Dirt bike seat height may be a
little high for some riders. Adjustments can be made to enhance riding comfort
with as little as 25 mm removed and the seat reshaped. This may help with most
dirt bikes. Off road. and Motocross bikes if stability is needed for short riders.

Dirt bike seat width adjustments are
possible and may suite your riding style. Increasing the width of the seat can
be done on many off road and motocross seats. Some can be done without altering
your height when stationary.
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