Suzuki DR 650seat

Suzuki DR 650 seat covers. Wider. Softer. More comfortable seats. Change over Option for quick turnaround.

Suzuki DR 650 Seat
Suzuki DR 650 seat Before lowering and widening
Ask about DR 650 Standard height Exchange Wider & softer seat option
DR 650 Seat wider Softer

DR 650 Seat wider Softer Can be rebuilt for different weight range. Soft. Medium. Hard. Options. Width of seat is 26.5 cm or 10.5 inches

DR 650 Seat Wider & softer standard height
26.5 mm wide 10.5 inches

Change Over DR 650 Seat. Wider and softer standard height

DR 650 seat lower

Seats for Suzuki DR 650 can be lowered and the same cover reused. 

Wider. Lower Suzuki DR 650 seat Options

Suzuki seats  are known to be very uncomfortable Suzuki DR 400Z  DR 250Z.  DR650

Seats on some Suzuki models can be made wider and more comfortable. We try to stock a wider Change over seat for a DR650 at the original height. DR seats can have height reduction for the shorter riders with the same comfort level as before. (Most say there is no comfort to start with on a DR650. ) 
We aim to rectify that problem by making the seat wider and in most cases softer for more comfort. That may be enough to make it more enjoyable. 
Our methods for the DR650 and DRZ Seat is to Remove some of the brick foam in the original seat then replace it with some of our comfy foam . We have 3 different density foam made to our specs to ensure that your riding experience is better than before.

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