Norton Roadster seat

Norton Roadster seat cover.

Norton Roadster seat cover

Norton Roadster seat foam and seat cover replacement.

Norton Roadster seat foam and cover

Norton Roadster seat Repairs and custom covers.

Replace Seat foam

 Norton seats break down after a period of time due to
rough treatment and in our harsh weather. Norton Seats need attention quickly when
the foam is exposed to the elements. The foam breaks down very quickly and can
be very costly if foam replacement is needed. Don’t throw away the old foam if
it is in bad condition. We may need it to use as a guide for making a
replacement foam pad

We may not need to replace all the foam on seats to
make a difference. We may be able to repair the foam reducing the cost. Making
the seat wider and replacing the top 30 mm may be all it needs for a
comfortable ride.

Norton seat covers tear and crack if exposed to the
elements for too long. Having the bike garaged or a cover over the seat can
increase the life of the seat cover. 

Loose covers can be placed over the seat when not in use
and help extend the life of the cover and foam. Foam replacement can be done if
uncomfortable and a different density foam can be used. Replacement may only need changing in rider or passenger area.  





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