Low Rider seat

Lower seat. Seat height reduction and lower profiles.

Lower motor cycle seats, Motor scooter seats


Triumph Rocket Seat, Lower rider seat area

To become a Low rider and get your feet firmly on the ground for more stability. You may need our seat conversion.

Standard Triumph rocket seats being very uncomfortable because of the softness of the foam and the shape of the seat.

This seat can be greatly improved for comfort.

Reshaping the seat has proven to be popular and making a difference for longer rides.

Heavier than normal riders may benefit from the foam being firmer than normal and reshaped.

Our foams are made to a high standard to withstand the test of time.

Low rider profile Motorscooter seat

Lower rider profile for shorter riders

Motorcycle seat foam rubber can be made softer in the rider area by removing some of the hard foam and replacing it with a comfort pad. this is a blend of foam we have madeespeccialy for motorbikes and scooters. Not all of the foam rubber need be changed to rebuild a comfortable seat in most cases.
Many riders choose to replace the original  seat with  after market  seats or other well known brand seats hoping to rectify there problems. Whether it be uncomfortable or other reasons concerning a soft or very hard seat.
The Question is do you need to go over seas to get what you want.
In many cases NO
Many dollars have changed hands and some have been satisfied. Those that haven’t may have made a quick decision thinking that a replacement seat was there best option. A short phone call may have saved some money and the seat solution may have been in Australia.
We don’t have answers to all questions on seats, but  we try to help if we can. If seats  have not met your expectations or your requirements. Best to ring us first to discuss the reasons why your not happy. Our prices are quite reasonable and you may be able to keep your money in Australia saving on a costly new seat.
You may only need a custom rework to suit your needs or we may have other options.


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