Kawasaki KX seat

Kawasaki KX seat cover

Kawasaki KX 250f.wide seat

Kawasaki KX seat covers. Lowered for more stability.

Low Seats can be made higher

You don’t need to replace your seat to make a difference in
height. Most seats can have adjustments made to the height to make a safer and
more comfortable motorcycle. Removing 20 to 30 mm and reshaping the seat may be
all it needs for a comfortable ride. Height adjustments can make a big
difference to the control of the motorbike and can increase a rider’s
confidence. Increasing the height for tall riders may help when seats feel low
and uncomfortable.

Seat cover replacement.

Kawasaki KX seat covers tear and crack if
exposed to the elements for too long. Having the bike garaged or a cover over
the seat can increase the life of the seat cover. 

Loose covers can be placed over the seat when not in use
and help extend the life of the cover and foam. Foam replacement can be done if
uncomfortable and a different density foam can be used. 



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