Hyosung GT250R seat

Hyosung GT250R seat cover.

Hyosung GT250R seat cover

Hyosung GT250R seat before recovering.

Hyosung GT250R seat cover

Hyosung motorcycle seat cover and foam repairs.

Seat cover replacement and repairs.

Front of seat raised to reduce forward movement.

We can mix and match the different density foam rubber to suit recent bikes of today and the not forgotten older motorbikes. Hyosung Seat support is a must when going on long rides and most seats over time loose this due to constant use. Hyosung seats tend to be softer in many models and can use a boost with our comfy foam.

Comfy pads placed into the seat gives more life and support to last many more years. Seat cover replacement will be required during the life of the bike and vinyl seat covers  can be good option. 



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