Foam Rubber repair

Damaged motorcycle motor scooter seat Foam repairs.

Foam rubber repair. Replacement. Custom seat foams.

Enduro, Trials, Road, Race, Motorbike.

Motor scooter seat foams and seat repairs

Motorbike seat foams can be worse than expected and may look ok with the cover still attached. Close inspection reveals the full extent of the damage.
Some seats need a foam replacement and some get away with minor foam repairs.

This foam had been repaired before by someone inexperienced and used upholstery filling to fill the damaged foam.
It is a repair that could have been done properly if sent to us for the correct repair or foam replacement.
Seats break down after a period of time in our harsh weather and need attention. We can alter most seats and make it into a custom motorcycle seat in various ways if required. Seats can be made wider and softer for more comfort or foam repairs as required.
Seat covers can be purchased on the net from an after market seat cover manufacturer if originality is required.
We make and fit our seat covers for motorbike and scooter seats.
Colour and textures of materials may not always be the same as original.


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