BMW R 75-6 Seat cover

BMW R 75-6 Seat foam rebuilt to original shape and recovered like original

BMW R 75-6 1974

Seat foam can be rebuilt on many different models for extra comfort.
Some seats can be very hard and not comfortable enough.
Ask about replacement softer foam or if there are any other options for your motorcycle.
BMW R75-6 seats brake down after a period of time in our harsh weather and need attention.

We can alter most seats and make it into a custom motorcycle seat in various ways.

BMW R75-6 seats covers can be purchased on the net from some after market seat cover manufacturers if originality is required. We make our covers as close to original when possible.
BMW R75-6 Motorcycle seats. Most makes and models recovered, Repaired, or Customised to your requirements. 

Reasonable prices.


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