BMW GSA 1200 seat

 BMW GSA 1200 Motorcycle seat cover


BMW GSA 1200 Seat and seat cover
Seats can be lowered on many BMW GSA 1200 motor cycles and seat covers made to fit in many different colours and textures if required.
 2 BMW GSA 1200 seats red and black

Original Height and lowered BMW GSA 1200 seats together


 BMW GSA seat and lowered seat 30 mm.
Foam made firmer for heavy rider for more comfort

Seat foam on BMW GSA motor cycles are quite soft and not able to support heavy riders for long periods. We rebuild the seat with firmer comfort foam for extra support.

Ring to discuss options for a more comfortable seat.

Custom BMW R 1200 GSA seat


BMW R 1200 GSA yellow grey
BMW R 1200 GSA yellow grey


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