BMW Custom seat

BMW Custom Seat. Seat covers and repairs for most models


Seat covers are moulded to the foam and can become difficult to repair or recover


BMW seats 


BMW motor bikes are a very popular form of transport and I keep hearing bad reports about most seats. From sore backsides and the numb bum feeling after riding for a few hours. Many have bought seats from overseas thinking they were getting the best they can buy and would cure the aches and pains. Only to find out that it is fine for some and not for all. Many still don’t have what they want and seek other ways to fix the seat problems.



We do insert Gel inseats on some occasions, if that is your requirements. They can have



good and bad points. The Motorcycle seat foam that we have made to our specs and consider to be excellent quality, can be used for a great range of motorcycles.



We can mix and match the different density foam rubber to suit the recent bikes of today and the not forgotten older motorbikes. Seat support is a must when going on long rides and most seats over time loose this due to constant use.



BMW seats tend to be softer in many models and can use a boost with our comfy foam.



Comfy pads placed into the seat gives more life and support to last many more years.


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