Suzuki VL 1500 BT seat

Suzuki VL 1500 BT seat comfort


Suzuki VL 1500 BT Boulevard motorcycles are a beautiful looking motorcycle and heavy. Improvements are something most like to do on Suzuki motorcycles. Having different ideas what to do to achieve that could cost a lot. I am sure some riders with a VL 1500 Boulevard would be happy enough with the look and handling of the bike. There will be no need to change anything.

Different options are available to make a bike stand out and catch the eye of another motorcyclist. Costly changes are done frequently with most enthusiast. When changing the look it can be as little as making changes to the seat. The choice of color on the side or replacing the top with a patterned vinyl could please the eye.  A little stitching changes the the way the bike looks and makes a big difference

Changing the shape due to discomfort  is common and could make a reasonable difference. The foam may not suit all riders and could benefit from a rework. Making the seat more comfortable for a rider is worked out after seeing what padding is in the seat and what ailments the rider has after a ride. A phone call to ACM Seats is the best way to discuss the seat after sending a few pictures of the motorcycle seat

The original seat is made of very soft foam rubber. Any one that may carry a little extra weight may find this seat uncomfortable after a short ride. The seat on this Suzuki Boulevard was rebuilt with hi dense foam underneath. The top layer has a softer foam for supporting the rider over long distance riding. The way the seat is shaped has increased the comfort level.  The seat cover has nice lines stitched on top that can be done on almost any bike.


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