Example Work

Example Work. Photographs and descriptions of completed motorcycle and custom seats.

Seats of many makes and models are listed on this site with pictures and descriptions of work done.

These are only some of the seats we have done in recent years and displayed on this site. There are many more pictures yet to come.

We appreciate your queries and they can be addressed easier by a phone call.
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We may at times need some pictures of your seat to help with your query.

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Wouldn’t it be great to find a perfect motorcycle seat?

If you are a reasonably new rider or have been doing so for many years, You would have to say after sitting on a few different motor bikes. There is no such thing as a perfect motorcycle seat. There are big differences between seats and some can be real shockers. Motorcycles are used for many different reasons. Commuting every day if that is your only transport. To work, Fun out the bush trail riding with friends and adventure seeking. A cruise in the mountains on weekends with a mate or two. When buying a bike. Most of us think you just hop on the bike ride away and that will be it. Unfortunately you will start thinking how will I make things better. After having a bike or two, you notice there is a big difference from one bike to another. You seem to have your hand in your pocket often looking to make changes for the better. Those changes usually are not cheap unless you can do them your self.

We are all in the same boat looking for what is good for our bikes and expect good quality when we get it. Should you go on short trips or that long cruise with and come back with a sore backside. I would think uncomfortable seating improvements is one thing that should be looked at if you intend to keep the bike. I will be happy to discuss any issue you have with the seat and work to give you a good outcome. As a rider myself, I have made significant changes in the comfort level for many riders. It is good to know when customers come back to get another seats done, I was able to make the last seat much more comfortable. Look at our Testimonials

 I love what i do and pleased to see a transformed seat go back on a bike and get good use. We customise seats and frequently recovering seats, Adding comfort for most bikes,Height adjustments for tall riders or lowering a seat increasing a riders confidence immensely. Coccyx pressure adjustment can make a enormous difference to the time spent on a motorcycle. We do not make seats or say that we do on our site. We try and make YOUR motorcycle seat look like new again but may not be like original. Customising can be done in many different styles. If you bring a picture of a seat you like, that can speed up the process to give you a good outcome.

I receive a lot of calls for new seats made like manufacturers in other countries. Sorry we don’t make seats of any kind at the moment and we cant know or comment on seat comfort or suitability by seat manufacturers. They would be the ones to ask and get the answer from them. Good luck. Not sure how you will go with that. I hear some places are very hard to get in touch with. We do know from rider experience some get a great seat. Unfortunately some don’t get what they thought they were getting. If you get a custom motorcycle seat you may need a little settle in time before you notice the expected comfort. If you still have a comfort issue , Please ring to discuss if you would like us to have a go at making it more comfortable.

Example Client Work