Customisation Of Motorbike Seat Covers – Procedures Revealed!

Motorbike Seat CoversMotorcycle riding is an incredible journey that gives you ultimate pleasure and fun. However, uncomfortable and worn-out seats may prevent you from enjoying the ride to the fullest. In this situation, you can get the old motorcycle seats replaced with custom-made seats to ensure perfect fit and comfortable ride.

Whatever the reasons for choosing a new motorcycle seat, there are plenty of options available at ACM Seats. We have a wide variety of aftermarket motorcycle seats that you can choose from based on your riding requirements.  Besides enhancing the comfort of your seat, you can spruce up the style of your vehicle with our custom motorcycle seat covers. Our products are perfect for those who prefer a more customised look for their vehicle.

Our process:


First, we will evaluate your specific needs for the customisation of motor cycle seats. Then, we will consider things like appearance and the comfort needed to choose the right materials. Following this, your bike seat will be dismantled to find the exact dimensions of the cover, which helps us to ensure perfect finish.

Repair, Reshape & Replace:

Depending on the type of seat, your riding style and body shape, we will add required amount of foam to ensure perfect shape and support. For further comfort, we use spray adhesive to add more quantities of foam. Once the foams are added, we join the pieces, and create perfection in shape.

Motorcycle seat cover:

Following this, we will begin creating the perfectly fitted motorcycle seat cover with the quality material. Our experts use the original seat cover as a reference and make necessary adjustments to accommodate your specific needs. We use only high quality materials to ensure longevity and elegant look to your vehicle.

Today, no one wants to stick with the seats that come along with their vehicle because of their poor fit and discomfort. So, they all look for perfectly customised seats and seat cover for their vehicle. At ACM Seats, we rejuvenate BMW Seats, Vespa Seats and Harley seats for customers at competitive prices.

Upgrade Your Bike’s Look with Custom Harley Seats

If you are willing to replace your boring motorcycle seat cover with custom Harley Davidson seats, then it is the right time to know about the benefits of purchasing custom seat covers. One of the major benefits of owning Harley bike is that you will enjoy complete liberty to modify the features of the seat and customize it as per your riding needs. You are sure to feel more satisfied with your bike’s look once its seat has been customized. However, in order to get a great value for your money, you need to find the right motorcycle seat covers manufacturer.

If you are a rider who wants to prioritize your comfort level, then you will never get disappointed with custom motorbike seat covers.  Harley seats are designed for riders who often go on for a long trip. These seat covers are designed in such a way that you will be placed very close to the hand and foot controls. Even if you are driving on the toughest terrains, you will not experience any complication, especially when you opt for these custom Harley seats.

When riding a motorbike, most people find it difficult to maintain their posture. If you are one among them, you can opt for motorbike seats that include wide pillions, deeply contoured rider buckets and other excellent features which provide added comfort. As these seat covers come with additional padding, you will feel more comfortable, no matter how longer your ride is.

If you are more specific about giving your bike a customized and a clean look, then look for websites dedicated to harley davidson seats for sale. After installing these custom seats, your bike will receive an enticing and unique look. Remember that installing custom Harley seats is the only option available to upgrade your motorcycle’s look without compromising on the comfort level.

No matter what your priority is with Harley Davidson seats, make sure that you have obtained the seats from the renowned and reputed motorcycle seat manufacturer so that you can get the right value for your money. Of course, you should also determine the budget that you can afford before looking for a Harley Davidson seats.

How To Choose Custom Motorbike Seat Covers?

Purchasing the right motorcycle seat can be bit challenging even for the most experienced riders. There are several things to consider when looking for a new motorcycle seat including the level of comfort, brand, materials, compatibility and price. Whether you are planning for a short drive or a long one, comfort is one of the most crucial things to consider. Custom motorbike seat covers are extremely popular among bikers as they provide a high level of comfort throughout the ride. Moreover, they also improve the quality of the ride to a great extent.

What to Look For When Choosing Custom Seats?

Bikers who are looking to upgrade or replace their motorcycle seat cover must pay close attention to several factors to make a well-informed decision. The type, comfort and material of the seat are some of the crucial elements that should be prioritized when buying bike seat covers.

Seat Material:

The material of the seat varies from one model to another, but most of the bikers choose leather material as it looks and feels good whilst ensuring a high degree of breathability. As a buyer, you should check some of their characteristics such as the resistance to wear and tear, water resistance and capacity to respire.

Seat Type:

Basically, there are two main types of seats available to choose from and they include rider seats and passenger seats. While choosing a rider seat, the bike owners should consider the shape of the saddle and height of the seat. On the other hand, the passenger seats should be chosen with a backrest so that the passenger can enjoy lower back support.

Seat Comfort and Looks:

Comfort is essential when riding a motorbike, so buyers must pay meticulous attention to this aspect before making a purchase. The colour and design of the seat should also be taken into consideration. Choosing a design that integrates with overall look of your motorcycle is extremely crucial.

Design and Colours:

Custom motorcycle seat covers are available in a wide range of designs and colours. For instance, buyers can choose seats in simple black or brown color featuring different patterns.

ACM Seats has been playing an integral role in designing and manufacturing custom seat covers for bikes of all makes and models. Whether you own a domestic model or an imported vehicle, we can get you the custom seats that suit your driving style and ensure your comfort.

Protect your Investment with Custom Motorbike Seat Covers

Motorbike Seat CoversAre you dreaming of buying a brand new motorbike? Apart from the specifications and features, another very important thing that you should look for in a good motorcycle is a comfortable seat. This is because only the comfort of the seat determines the convenience of the journey.  If you are planning a long distance journey on your bike with an uncomfortable seat, you hardly sit for a while and get tired. The only solution is to invest on customised motorcycle seat covers made from leather, alligator skin or sheep skin.

One of the major benefits of opting for custom Harley Davidson seat covers is that they are made in accordance with the specification and preference of the customers. They are designed with the intension of increasing the comfort level of the rider, enhancing the riding pleasure and ensuring a smooth journey. These seat covers are usually installed on the top of the seat to make it a lot more comfy.

When you explore the market, you will also find special seat cushions that can help the riders ride their bike longer in style and comfort. Earlier, Harley Davidson seats were designed to protect the seat and give bikes a flair look. But now, these seats are in great demand among riders who want to enjoy increased riding pleasure.

ACM Seats, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of custom motorbike seats, has been serving the needs of the bike enthusiasts across Australia. With 30+ years of experience in upholstering, we are able to come up with unique ideas to improve your riding comfort. Whether it is seat cover replacement or seat repairs, we have the domain expertise to work on bikes and scooters of all makes and models.

So, will a full range of seat covers and upholsteries available for your convenience, you can get high quality accessories at the lowest possible prices only from ACM seats. If you are really tired of your old motorcycle seats, come to us! We can replace the worn out seat cover and give your bike a new look and feel!

Seat Comfort for Motor cycles. Motor scooters.

Seat Comfort for motor cycles. Motor scooters. Helping many riders.

The list is long for Motor cycle and Motor scooter seats needing some sort of seat adjustments just to get some level of comfort. Finding that comfort for a road bike and to have the comfort and feel off a cruiser may not be all that easy to achieve. The height difference and the width of the seat are so different that it makes it hard to make one like the other. Road bikes are quite light and easy to maneuver so a smaller and narrower seat is required. Comfort can still be gained if a few alterations are made and some seats can still be made a little wider altering the ergonomics for the better.

When making a motor cycle seat more comfortable. We need your information to work with to make our adjustments. It is wise to think of the angle of the seat while riding and if it pushes you into the tank. The angle can be adjusted up at the front or down at the back by adding more to the front and removing from the rear. This can be done on many motor cycles. If done professionally, the seat may not look different from original.

Should you have the problem of sliding backward on take off. You may find the seat rise behind you is not high enough or the cover is quite worn and slippery. Clothing you wear can also cause the problems of slipping around and discomfort from bunching up underneath you. Should you be a little short and not able to reach the the rise behind you. Or find your self being pushed back on take off. We have a cure for that on many bikes and found it makes the seat so much more comfortable.

Cruisers have great seats on many makes and models. They can also have real shockers that will have you wondering if the rite choice was made when deciding to buy the bike. Test rides before buying are not long enough to get the feel of the seat underneath you. One or more hours should be a reasonable test to see if there are any pressure pains to complain about. The comfort of seat should still be very good . You will find after owning a cruiser fore a while and having some long day out rides for 4 or 500 Ks.There will always be someone wanting to make it better or buy another seat in hope it can be better than the original cruiser seat.

Be cautious before buying another motor cycle seat on the net. Talking to a person that works on the comfort motor cycle seat  would be a good idea before buying a new seat.

Seat Heat for Motor cycles. Motor scooters.

Motorcycle Seat Heat
help many riders through cold winter days.

When thinking about a seat heater and if it is worthwhile on your motorcycle. It may be worth looking at if your riding all year round in our colder regions of Australia, or commuting to work through the winter months. Not many motorcycles are sold with a seat heater option and overlooked by many when buying a new motorcycle.It is an option that can be done afterwards if you feel the conditions are cold enough in your area. Melbourne winters can be very wet and cold as well as the mountain districts through out Australia. Having to ride in conditions like that puts you off riding The seat heater takes away some of that discomfort when you can feel that heat rising up through your body slowly.

Some heaters have a few settings and can be altered as you ride. Seat heaters can get very hot when adjusted to high and that can make it uncomfortable. It is important that the correct setting is found before you start getting uncomfortable. Aftermarket Seat Heaters cannot be fitted to all seats so we need to see the seat to confirm if that is possible. Any queries please ring to discuss.