After market seat covers

Aftermarket seat covers supplied by the customer is a good option if needed quickly. Seat covers can be fitted by appointment by our seat cover service department for very reasonable prices. Same day service if required and when possible. Motor Cycles are very popular now and the seats can be color co-ordinates from our range of vinyl samples if required. Many Motorcycle seat Pictures from Most makes and models are displayed here in our Gallery and Example Work. Examples are only a few of what we can do and have done.

Sending a picture of your seat is often required because of the many different model of motorcycle and motor scooters. Your seat pictures help to identify if the seat is original or has been done before. There is an enormous range of seat shapes and sizes on many different makes and models to remember every seat.

Seat repairs

Seat Repairs may be a good option to recovering a seat if there is minor damage. Small cracks, tears, holes, can be repaired by Vinyl Welding or panel replacement

Example Client Work