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Australian Cumfy Motor Cycle Seats is a small business in Melbourne Australia. We have been family owned and operating from 1981 under a different name (Reliable Retrim.)

We changed our advertising name to reflect the type of work we do to give Motorcyclist a name to relate to.
We still trade under our original name Reliable Retrim, and cater for many makes and models of Motor cycle and Motor scooter.

We have over 40 years experience in Upholstering and feel confident that you the customer will walk away with a smile on your face.

This site is to give motorcyclists ideas on making improvements to the riding comfort, Seat repairs, Seat cover replacement, on many  Motorcycles and Motor scooters. We also have options for individuals that would like to customize a motorcycle seat, or Motor scooter seat.

Seat lowering is quite common these days and many scooters and bikes can benefit from being lowered and reshaped. More control can be gained when stopped at intersections and uneven ground especially for the novice rider. Lowering kits are available for many bikes and may alter the handling of the bike. The seat lowering may be a cheaper option.
Customizing options may be a good option on Some late model bikes due to the lack of good quality seat foam. Some are too hard and others not enough foam or too soft. Some may benefit from a custom remodel.
We like to rebirth motorcycle seats and scooter seats. You only need to bring in your seat and discuss options and your requirements. We will make the seat into a Custom Motorcycle or Motor scooter seat.

(The seat height can be altered, Shape of the seat can be altered, Foam density can be altered, Comfort pads can be fitted, Gel pads, ) some of these play a big part in your comfort.

Should you need any additional information about your motorcycle seat repairs and motorbike seat recovering. Or if you need other alterations to your requirements like replacing foam in the seat or fitting a layer of our comfy foam. We can do some customizing to your motor cycle seat. Your ideas or ours.
Seat colours and textures are very popular with younger riders today and makes your bike stand out from the rest. Some prefer the original look the bike came out with and we do that when possible.

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