Motorcycle Custom seats

Motorcycle Custom seats, Repairs, Reshaping, Extra comfort for longer rides

Corbin Seats Melbourne


Motorcycle Custom Seats.  Alteration and recovered top section only

Seat foam lowered and reshaped to customers requirements.

Most well known brand Motorcycle Custom Seats become damaged and need
repair or new  seat covers made. Motorcycle Custom Seats can be
repaired in some cases if not left in disrepair for long periods. 
Motorcycle Custom Seat covers can be made close to original but not in all cases.
We try to make motorcycle seat covers to customer requirements and custom seats in different colours and textures. 
Many example off repairs to oem and well known brand aftermarket seats are
displayed within this site. Before and after pictures are displayed in many
cases and can give ideas for your new motorcycle seat cover repair or
Many riders choose to replace the original Motorcycle seat
with after market Custom Seats and well known brands hoping to rectify there
problems. Whether it be uncomfortable or other reasons concerning a soft or very
hard seat. The Question is do you need to go over seas to get what you want.Many dollars have changed hands and some have been very satisfied. Those
that haven’t may have made a quick decision thinking that a replacement seat was
there best option.A short phone call about your Motorcycle Custom seat may save you money and the solution may  be in Australia.
We don’t have answers to all questions
on seats, but we try to help if we can.
For those that can’t afford new or well known after market seat
replacement. We may have options.

If aftermarket well known Motorcycle Custom seats
haven’t met your expectations. Your requirements.
Best ring first to
discuss the reasons why you’re not happy. We may be able to make adjustments.
Our prices are quite
reasonable and you may be able to keep your money in Australia saving on a
costly new seat. You may only need a custom rework to suit your needs or we may
have other options.


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